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1. Name: .

2. Flight number: .

3. Post code: .

4. Address: .

5. Restaurant: .

3. Tapescript 1.A. Listen to the dialogue and give full answers to the questions.

1) Why did the speaker quarrel with his friend 2) How did the story finish Did it spoil their friendship B*. Do you often quarrel with your friends What was the most serious quarrel you can remember How did it finish Write 10 sentences about it.

4. Tapescript 1.5 Listen to the dialogues and write them down.

5. Tapescript 1.A. Listen and answer the question: How do the following things affect personality if:

- you are the elder sister and have a brother.

- if you are the middle sister of three.

- you are the girl in the middle of boys.

- you are a girl and you get a lot of attention from your father.

- you are the boy and spend most time with your mother.

B*. Describe an ideal family as you see it.

6. Tapescript 1.11 Are the statements true or false Correct the false statements.

1. The Director of Studies didnt let the students ask questions during his speech.

2. If they have any problems with their host families students can talk to the Director of Studies.

3. The students will write a small placement test tomorrow in the morning at 9.30.

4. The aim of the test is to state the level of English.

5. During the coffee break the students will be told their classes and the names of their teachers.

6. Before their first classes start there is an optional tour of Cambridge.

7. After the tour the students can have lunch.

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 2.2 Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions.

1. What is Martin doing What does Sally do 2. Where does he go Where is she going 2. Tapescript 2.3 Listen to a nurse talking about working nights and complete a chart.

starts work at finishes work at goes to bed at Time sleeps for wakes up has lunch at for lunch she has Food she never has Problems 3. Tapescript 2.A. Listen to a radio programme about new vegetables and decide if the following statements are true or false. Correct false statements.

1. People are speaking about chocolate-flavoured carrots.

2. The first chef has four children.

3. The first chef wouldnt give children flavoured vegetables because they like natural ones very much.

4. The second chef believes children will like the colour of the new vegetables.

5. The little boy likes the new vegetables.

6. The little boy would like to try a chewing gum flavoured peas, too.

B*. The problem of genetically modified food is very up-to-date. What do you know about it What is your attitude to such food How can it affect our health Write 10-12 sentences about it.

4. Tapescript 2.9 Listen to the interview with Mr Gordon Pringle and answer the questions.

1) Why does Mr Pringle have no problems waking up in the mornings 2) When did he sleep last time 3) Why was he taken to hospital 4) What did he feel after the operation 5) Did he recover 6) What do the doctors say about his health 7) What does he do at night 8) What does he want most of all 5. Tapescript 2.11 Listen to the dialogue. Find and correct any wrong information in the following summary.

A Turkish student is staying with a British family. Its the first time the student has been to England. She likes Oxford. She doesnt smoke, thats why she doesnt like other people smoking.

6. Tapescript 2.A. Listen to the dialogues and describe the problems mentioned in each of them.

1. . 2. . 3. . 4. .

B*. Imagine and write a dialogue between two people having some problem.

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 3.A. Listen to a radio interview with a woman who looks like Diana and write down how the following things changed after Dianas death.

a) job b) clothes c) hair d) children.

B*. What are good and bad sides of looking like someone famous Is there anyone you would like to resemble to Write 10 sentences.

2. Tapescript 3.A. Listen and answer the questions.

1) What kind of schools were there in England 50 years ago 2) What happened in 1970s Why 3) What kind of schools do parents of girls choose today Why 4) What kind of schools do parents of boys prefer today Why 5) Why do girls and boys have separate physical education in some mixed schools 6) Who does better academically: boys or girls Does it depend on a school B*. Describe an ideal school as you see it. Write 10 sentences.

3. Tapescript 3.9 Listen to the dialogue and write down the numbers.

1. How long to stay 2. Floor 3. Room number 4. Wake up at 5. It costs 4. Tapescript 3.10 Listen to the conversations and write down the requests.

1. a) Would you mind asking the chef to cook this a bit more b) Could I have .

2. a) Would you mind . b) Could .

3. a) Can you take . b) .

4. a) . b) .

5. Test A. Listen to five different dialogues and instructions and write down who and where the speakers are.

B*. Listen to a dialogue and write down the list of things that the speaker and her brother Dan have in common.

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 4.1 Listen to two people describing their jobs and fill in the chart.

1 2 Your present or future job* The most important thing Qualifications Advantages Disadvantages The worst experience The job is 2. Tapescript 4.4 Listen to Part 1 of The Firing Line and answer the questions.

1) What are the following peoples jobs: a) Keeler b) Bowles c) Walford d) Stamford 2) Where did Keeler meet Cliff Bowles 3) What did Keeler have to do on Friday afternoon 4) Why couldnt he do this earlier 5) How did Keeler feel 3. Tapescript 4.5 Listen to Part 2 of The Firing Line and correct the following statements.

1. Keeler felt tense on Friday afternoon.

2. Stanford has been working for Walford International for three years.

3. Stanford suspected that the Personnel department would sack him sooner or later.

4. Stanford was the best worker in the department.

5. Keeler recommended to Stanford to get some answers from Mr Walford.

4. Tapescript 4.A. Listen to Part 3 of The Firing Line and answer the questions.

1) Who did Keeler go to on Monday morning 2) What happened at the end of the story B*. What would you personally choose: to have a well-paid but boring job or an interesting one which doesnt bring you much money Support your position. Write 10-12 sentences.

5. Tapescript 4.8 Listen and put the verbs in the right order. Transcribe the verbs.

1. sigh 5. shout 2. scream 6. yawn 3. snore 7. whisper 4. whistle 6. Tapescript 4.11 Listen to the story of Caroline de Bendern and write what she said about the following things and names.

Example: Count Maurice de Bendern Count Maurice de Bendern was her grandfathers name.

1. Grandfathers dream 4. Flag 2. Life in Paris in 1968 5. Photographers 3. Politics CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 5.A. Listen to the information about Lisbon and state whether the following statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. Lisbon is not as expensive as many other European countries.

2. You can easily find a place to stay in Lisbon all year round.

3. The speaker doesnt recommend to stay at hostels since they are uncomfortable.

4. The speaker recommends to take comfortable shoes and a good map of the city because public transport doesnt work quite well.

5. Portuguese taxi drivers are extreme ones.

6. The speaker doesnt recommend to go to see the castle if you are only going for a weekend, because it takes too much time to get there.

7. The best museums in Lisbon are situated in the cultural centre of the city called the Expo site.

8. You can buy clothes of different styles in the Baixa area, but not souvenirs.

9. Lisbon is a rather quiet city at night.

10. The best places to dance and listen to music at are Brazilian bars.

B*. Describe your native city on the following sides: (public) transport, night life, shops, places of historical interest, people. Write 10 sentences.

2. Tapescript 5.4 Listen to Sebastian Coe, a famous British athlete, answering some questions and correct mistakes in the following summary.

Sebastian learned to drive when he was very young. He prefers running to driving. He is going to buy a new car next year, but he hasnt decided which one yet. He is dreaming about new Volkswagen. He is always annoyed at other drivers going very fast on the motorway. But he admits that he can drive fast sometimes.

In the advertisement he mentioned the car didnt impress him as much as the girl.

3. Tapescript 5.A. Listen to different people speaking about things or people that irritate or annoy them and complete the chart.

Things or people that annoy Reasons for annoyance 1 Drivers Drive slowly in the middle lane on the motorway B*. Write about three things that really annoy you. Give reasons for your annoyance.

4. Tapescript 5.9 Listen and write down the compound nouns you hear. Imagine a sentence with each of them.

Example: traffic jam We spent two hours stuck in a traffic jam.

5. Tapescript 5.A. Listen to Caroline giving directions to her house and fill in the gaps with missing words.

Go Station Road, the until you the big roundabout. Go the roundabout and take the first, , third . Keep that road. And then the third on the right. Go on down that road, its quite narrow, the bridge and my house is the second on the right the bridge. You cant miss it.

B*. Describe your way home from the university.

6. Test A. Listen to 5 small dialogues and answer the questions.

1. Why should the woman try not to miss the 6.43 train to Cambridge 2. Why didnt the man buy the trousers 3. What is the reason for Barrys visit 4. What place is the man looking for 5. Why was the man so angry with the receptionist B. Write a summary of the dialogue finishing the following sentences.

Sam is fond of . Sam has never . The first thing hed do if he won a lottery . He wouldnt buy , but he would . He would spend time . He would give some money away to . If he had children, .

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 6.1 Listen to the dialogue and write the questions to the following answers.

a) At the ABC. b) A comedy. c) The man and his psychoanalyst. d) Brilliant. e) Woody Allen, Billy Crystal and Demi Moore.

2. Tapescript 6.A. Listen to a radio programme about strange sporting statistics and complete the following chart.

Names of sportsmen Country they rep- Kind of sport Strange sporting resent statistics Dimitrion Yordanidis Suleiman Ali Nashnush Mats Wermelin Willie (Fatty) Foulke Listen to the information again and write what strange statistics is given about:

a) triathlon. b) the largest crowd at a football match.

B*. Why do you think sport is so popular with people of different ages Do you like sport Why What good and bad sides of being a professional sportsman / sportswoman can you note Write 12-15 sentences.

3. Tapescript 6.A. Listen to Jennifer telling an anecdote and answer the following questions.

1) What was Jennifer doing in Singapore 2) What did she decide to do after her contract had finished Why 3) Did she stay alone 4) What was she doing on the beach one morning 5) Why couldnt she believe her eyes when she saw Phil Collins sitting next to her 6) What was the first thing she could do when she saw him 7) What makes the story sound like an anecdote B*. Have you / your friend / relative ever met anyone famous When and where did it happen Write 10 sentences about it.

4. Tapescript 6.11 Listen to the dialogue and translate it into Russian.

5. Tapescript 6.13 Listen to Pieter getting tickets at the box office and correct the following statements. Transcribe the words in bold type.

1. Miss Saigon is the name of the cinema.

2. Only circle seats were left at the box office.

3. Circle seats are more expensive than seats in the stalls.

4. The man took seats B16 and 17 in the third row.

5. The tickets cost 130 each.

6. Pieter paid in cash.

Write Russian equivalents to the following words and phrases.

a) stalls, b) circle, c) downstairs, d) stage, e) upstairs, f) near to the front.

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 7.1 Listen to the dialogue and match the columns. Transcribe the words in bold type.

A B 1. Hes talking on the mobile phone. a) She is probably French or Italian.

2. She looks very elegant. b) He must be American.

3. They look exhausted. c) She must be his daughter.

4. The man wearing a cowboy hat. d) He could be South American.

5. A couple looking unhappy. e) They must be travelling round Europe.

6. Shes much too young for him. f) They might be having an argument.

2. Tapescript 7.2 Listen to the man talking to the waiter and decide if the statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. This is the second time he has been to Athens in august.

2. His wife doesnt like the seasons when resorts are overcrowded.

3. The man is enjoying his holiday.

4. He is a businessman.

5. He is travelling alone.

3. Tapescript 7.3 Listen to the words and write them down. Underline silent letters in each of them.

4. Tapescript 7.5 Listen to the tourists complaining to a travel agent about their holiday in New York and write what the following words refer to.

1. a disaster 6. the TV 2. Central Park 7. the food 3. the brochure 8. a first-class hotel 4. the subway station 9. a complete refund 5. the air-conditioning 10. the manager 5. Tapescript 7.8 Listen to 6 questions and rewrite them in reported speech.

6. Tapescript 7.A. Listen to people talking about their bad travel experiences and answer the questions.

Story 1. 1) Where did the man stay 2) Why did he get up early 3) What happened when the man was walking down the narrow street 4) How did he react 5) What was his worst guess Story 2. 1) Why did she stay in a cheap hotel 2) Where was the hotel located 3) Why did she go straight to bed 4) What made her wake up in the middle of the night 5) What was her reaction 6) What did the receptionist do 7) What happened next morning B*. Write about 15-20 sentences describing a strange, ridiculous or unfortunate incident that happened to you or someone you know.

CONTROL WORK 1. Tapescript 8.1 Listen to a radio programme called The Sinking of the Titanic and write what the following refers to.

1. voyage 8. 2. 2, 207 9. SOS 3. millionaires 10. the Carpathia 4. enormous 11. cheerful dance music 5. 100 12. Bruce Ismay 6. Thomas Andrews 13. Half an hour 7. to abandon 14. survivors 2. Tapescript 8.2 Listen to 3 sentences and write them down paying special attention to if-clauses. Write 5 more sentences about the tragedy with the Titanic using ifclauses.

3. Tapescript 8.3 Listen to 6 phrases, write them down and translate.

4. Test 3. A. Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions.

1) What nationalities are Clara and Suzanna 2) What is the man looking for 3) Where and when did they decide to meet 4) What was the problem with the jacket 5) What did she order 5. Test 3. B. Listen to the guide and correct the statements if any.

1. They are in the city center.

2. The Town Hall is on the right.

3. The building hadnt changed till the 20th century.

4. There is a small market opposite the Town Hall.

5. Is you want your dream come true wash your face in the water of the fountain.

6. The Cathedral was built in the 14th century.

7. You need to be fit to get to the top of the Tower because the stairs are very old.

8. The Central Market is about 100 metres on the right.

9. The Central Market specializes both in food and souvenirs.

10. You should wrap ceramic plates and cups yourself.

11. The guide recommends to try coffee or vanilla ice-cream in one of the cafes.

12. The guide asks the tourists not to be late because the coach cant park for a long time due to rush hour.

6*. Try yourself as a guide. Choose one place in your native town and write sentences describing the place. Give some practical advice to your tourists.

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