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Изд-во ОмГУ, 2004. – 40 c.

Методические указания предназначены для работы по аспекту «Домашнее чтение» и содержат тексты, посвященные биографии, творчеству, эстетическим взглядам У.С. Моэма, систему упражМЕТОДИЧЕСКИЕ УКАЗАНИЯ нений тренировочного и творческого характера, направленных на ПО РАБОТЕ С КНИГОЙ У.С. МОЭМА «ЛУНА И ГРОШ» усвоение лексико-грамматического материала, проверку понимания и обобщения прочитанного, а также элементов аналитическоДЛЯ СТУДЕНТОВ ЯЗЫКОВЫХ СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЕЙ, го чтения.

ИЗУЧАЮЩИХ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК Цель заданий – закрепить навыки чтения и перевода художественного произведения, активизировать умения и навыки устной речи.

В приложении приведен лингвострановедческий материал, способствующий более полному пониманию книги, и критическая статья.

Для студентов факультета иностранных языков и отделения регионоведения исторического факультета, изучающих англий ский язык.

© Омский госуниверситет, 2004 Изд-во Омск ОмГУ 2004 2 Read W.S. Maugham’s biography and say what occuHe travelled in Spain and Italy and in 1908 achieved a theatrical pations and facts of his life, in your opinion, were of benetriumph – four plays running in London at once – that brought him fifit to him as a writer.

nancial security. During World War I he worked as a secret agent. In 1917 Maugham took the first of many long trips to the Pacific Islands WILLIAM SOMERSET and the Far East, which resulted in some of his finest writing. The first MAUGHAM of these stories was The Moon and Sixpence (1919), a novel based on the life of Gauguin. He wrote highly readable travel books – On a Chi(born Jan. 25, 1874, Paris, Fr. - died nese Screen (1923) and The Gentleman in the Parlour (1930) – and Dec. 16, 1965, Nice) several collections of short stories. The Trembling of a Leaf (1923) conWilliam Somerset Maugham is tained his most recognized story, "Rain," and The Casuarina Tree an English novelist, playwright, and (1926).

short-story writer whose work is char- Sometimes Maugham's stories were thinly disguised episodes inacterised by a clear unadorned style, volving his host or others he had met on his travels – circumstances that cosmopolitan settings, and a shrewd occasionally resulted in threats and lawsuits. The Painted Veil (1925) understanding of human nature. was revised at least twice to eliminate references to people still living in When Maugham was born – in the British Embassy in Paris in Hong Kong, and the various issues of this book remain of great interest 1874 – he was destined to become a lawyer. His father and grandfather to Maugham collectors.

had been prominent attorneys, and his oldest brother went on to become In 1927, Maugham left England amid scandal and moved to England's Lord Chancellor. However, Maugham had a severe stammer, France, where he spent the rest of his life. He enjoyed a royal lifestyle which left him afraid to speak; so there were no plans for him to follow at the Villa Mauresque, and an invitation by Maugham to spend a few the family tradition. Furthermore, he was orphaned by the age of 10 and weeks there was highly prized by the literary and social elite. In spite of was sent to England to be raised by an uncle, a clergyman. These his relocation, he continued his disciplined habit of writing several circumstances led the young Maugham to be shy and withdrawn; hours every morning and his love of travel.

consequently he became an observer rather than an active participant, His reputation as a novelist rests primarily on four books: Of but he was able to turn this to his advantage as a writer. After a year at Human Bondage (1915), a semi-autobiographical account of a young Heidelberg, he entered St. Thomas' medical school, London, and medical student's painful progress toward maturity; The Moon and Sixqualified as a doctor in 1897. He drew upon his experiences as an obste- pence (1919), an account of an unconventional artist, suggested by the trician in his first novel, Liza of Lambeth (1897), and its success, though life of Paul Gauguin; Cakes and Ale (1930), the story of a famous novsmall, encouraged him to abandon medicine. elist, which is thought to contain caricatures of Thomas Hardy and 3 Now study some of Maugham’s quotations. What deHugh Walpole; and The Razor's Edge (1944), the story of a young ductions about his world outlook can you draw Do they American war veteran's quest for a satisfying way of life. Maugham's correspond to the portrait below plays, mainly Edwardian social comedies, soon became dated, but his short stories have increased in popularity. Many portray the conflict of "I've always been interested in Europeans in alien surroundings that provoke strong emotions, and people, but I've never liked them." Maugham's skill in handling plot, in the manner of Guy de Maupassant, "It was such a lovely day I is distinguished by economy and suspense. In The Summing Up (1938) thought it was a pity to get up" and A Writer's Notebook (1949) Maugham explains his philosophy of "At a dinner party one should life as a resigned atheism and a certain scepticism about the extent of eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but man's innate goodness and intelligence; it is this that gives his work its not too wisely." astringent cynicism.

"When you choose friends, don't He died in 1965 at the age of 91. The Maugham persona of the be short-changed by choosing personality sophisticated world traveler and story teller, rather than the social over character." dramatist, is his legacy.

"It is salutary to train oneself to be no more affected by censure than by praise." GLOSSARY:

"Money is like sixth sense without which you cannot make a unadorned – lacking embellishment or decoration: plain, complete use of the other five." simple;

"People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise." obstetrician – a physician specializing in obstetrics, a branch "You can do anything in this world if you're prepared to of medical science that deals with birth;

take the consequences." disguised – furnished with a false appearance or an assumed "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is identity;

to have nothing whatever to do with it." lawsuit – a case before a court;

maturity – the quality or state of being mature; especially:

full development;

unconventional – being out of the ordinary;

astringent – rigidly severe, austere, pungent, caustic;

sophisticated – having a refined knowledge of the ways of the world cultivated especially through wide experience.

5 4. Find in the text passages where Maugham speaks ASSIGNMENT 1: chapters I–V, pp. 4–about:

1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following art and artists;

words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

the behaviour of young generation;

быть предметом насмешек (4);

the receptions in the houses of the literary;

нелепейшее заблуждение (5);

the gift of sympathy.

шокировать почтенное семейство (7);

Comment upon them.

оправдывать, обелять кого-то (9);

5. Find sentences and paragraphs with a touch of перипетии войны (10);

humour, irony, sarcasm; and comment upon them.

глупый как баран (12);

скрывать замешательство (14);

быть всецело поглощенным собственными делами (16);

тяга к «светским львам» (17); ASSIGNMENT 2: chapters VI–X, pp. 22– подстраивать свое поведение под кого-л.(19);

1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following разумный совет (20);

words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

до смерти наскучить (22) невзрачная внешность (24);

принять приглашение с готовностью (25);

2. Give the synonyms to the following words and ex продолжать здоровые традиции своей расы и сословия (26);


высокомерие ранней юности (29);

authentic чрезвычайно неловко (30);

insignificant соблюдать светские условности (31);

extravagant навязчивый женский недостаток (32);

notoriety супружество (34);

hazardous увлечься, позволить вскружить себе голову (37);

bashful судорожно сжимать и разжимать руки (39);


забыть о прошлом (40);

Make up the longest possible sentence using these words.

женщина широких взглядов (40).

3. Translate the passage into Russian:

pp. 17–18 "My engagements were few"……. "…seemed simple and unaffected." 7 2. Give the synonyms to the following words and ex- 5. Give character sketches of:


а) Mrs Amy Strickland;

commonplace b) Mr Charles Strickland;

average c) Colonel MacAndrew.

thick-witted 6. Find sentences and paragraphs with a touch of agitated irony, sarcasm; the examples of metaphors (pp. 26, 41) and indiscreet comment upon them.

draw in one's horns not to have a bob prosperous.

ASSIGNMENT 3: chapters XI–XVI, pp. 42–Make up a short story using these words.

1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following 3. Translate into Russian:

words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

pp. 24–25 "I had nothing to say and so sat silent"………. "…to роскошное, великолепное место (43);

waste one's time over him." чувствовать себя в своей тарелке (45);

pp. 40–41 "It was known where Strickland was staying…" красноречивая фраза (47);

……….. " in her breast with misery." нелепое положение (47);

4. Answer the following questions: громогласно рассмеяться (50);

1) Why did Maugham think of the Stricklands' family life with a быть одержимым бесом (53);

оставаться безмятежным, хладнокровным (55);

touch of envy совсем свихнулся (61);

2) Why was Maugham slightly shocked when he came to know каприз, прихоть (63);

that Strickland had run away from his family говорить задыхаясь (64);

3) Do you think it natural that Mrs Strickland should be so par распространиться среди… (67).

ticular about what people talked 4) Do you believe that Mrs Strickland was sincere when she tried 2. Read the following word combinations and suggest to assure Maugham that she and Strickland got on very well and their the way of translating them into Russian:

married life was perfectly happy Furtive eyes (44); a hat much in need of brushing (45); aban5) Why was Mrs Strickland so determined never to divorce her doned luxury (45); a thronging vitality (46); to carry out one's embassy husband (48); straightened / easy circumstances (50); necessary grounds (50); an 9 5. Find in the text words and phrases describing the awful sell (52); an utter blackguard (53); stout refusal (54); pidgin appearance and character of:

French (55); to break with irksome ties (57); not to care a row of pins a) Mrs MacAndrew;

for (58); to make head or tail of (61) ; housewifely instincts (61); to b) Charles Strickland in Paris.

strike home (64); to be more of piece (65).

6. Give a description of:

3. Translate into Russian:

a) Strickland's shabby hotel;

pp. 42–43 "During the journey…" …….. "… goodness in the b) the poorest parts of Paris (the avenue de Clichy).

reprobate." p. 53 "There was real passion…" ……… "… I could not have placed him." ASSIGNMENT 4: chapters XVII–XXII, pp. 68–p. 60 "When I reached London…" ……… "… dowdy and expensive." 1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

4. Answer the following questions:

приобрести репутацию благодаря чему-л. (69);

1) Why did Maugham feel that his position was complicated шут, фигляр (70);

when he spoke with Strickland in his shabby abode in Paris постоянно задевать чьи-то чувства (72);

2) Why did Strickland feel no remorse towards his wife and точное понимание, оценка (72);

children How does it characterize him скрывать глубокое чувство (75);

3) Do you think Strickland really did not care what people почувствовать неловкость (77);

would think душевная мука (79);

4) Did Strickland take any interest in women чрезвычайная худоба (80);

5) Why was the appeal to conscience ineffective to Strickland способность к экспрессии (83);

6) Did the MacAndrews' manner of speaking reflect their char полное безразличие к комфорту (83);

acters заработать кругленькую сумму (84);

7) Why could Mrs Strickland have forgiven her husband if he вызывать восторг в душе (86);

had fallen in love with somebody, but not if he had left her for the idea 2. Read the following word combinations and suggest 8) Was Amy Strickland a woman of character Why was it so how they can be translated into Russian:

important for her that people should think her husband had eloped with To grow stale (68); derisive laughter (70); a genuine enthusiasm a French dancer for the commonplace (70); the needy (71); a rare treat (72);

11 gesticulating conversation (72); to bombard smb with questions (73); b) Dirk Stroeve;

vulgar beyond belief (76); obviously picturesque things (76); a slug- c) Strickland as a painter.

gishness of habit (79); to seek for some gibe (81); to appeal to one's 6. Comment upon the following passages:

sardonic temper (84); a man possessed (85); verbose frankness (89); Is a) Dirk Stroeve speaks about beauty (p. 79);

merit enough to bring success (90).

b) Strickland and Maugham speak about fame (p. 85) 3. Translate into Russian: c) The picture-dealer says how he recognizes the real merit of an p. 70 "But I knew it was not…" …….. "… petty and vindictive." artist (p. 90) pp. 71–72 "It was because I felt…" ……… "… of incomparable 7. Find sentences and paragraphs containing similes, value." humour, irony, sarcasm and comment upon them.

p. 75 "She had quiet grey eyes…" ……… "… her manners were natural." ASSIGNMENT 5: chapters XXIII–XXVIII, pp. 91–4. Answer the following questions:

1) Did Mrs Strickland change much 5 years later Why did she 1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following try to prove her exclusiveness words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

2) What was the tragedy of Dick Stroeve's life быть равнодушным к уязвимым местам других людей (91);

3) Why didn't Maugham know whether Blanche loved her бахвалиться, кичиться (92);

husband нежная привязанность (94);

4) What kind of man was Dick Stroeve What did he think of приписывать кому-то собственные переживания (95);

Strickland простой, банальный план (97);

5) What changes did Maugham notice in Strickland and what сильный жар (98);

did those changes suggest быть сиделкой, ухаживать за больным (100);

6) Why did Strickland paint with great difficulty Was he really осязаемое присутствие (104);

indifferent to fame наблюдать по очереди (106);

убитый горем (108);

7) Was Strickland a clever man Why was he so cruel to other помешательство, безрассудство (111);

people ревновать к кому-то (111);

5. Dwell upon the characters of:

умолять кого-то не делать что-л. (113);

a) Mrs Strickland 5 years later;

страдать от лишений (115).

13 2. Read the following word combinations and suggest 6. Retell the scene of Blanche's leaving her husband how they can be translated into Russian: from the part of:

A comfortable eye (92); to run aimlessly hither and thither (94); Blanche an exuberant soul (94); to frequent the same cafe (96); a voice cracking Strickland.

with emotion (98); to be on the verge of tears (101); to pull oneself 7. Find sentences and paragraphs containing metatogether (102); smb's doggedness(104); a ragged red beard (106);

phors, similes, irony, sarcasm and comment upon them.

injurious calm (113); to abandon one's self-respect (115).

3. Translate into Russian:

ASSIGNMENT 6: chapters XXIX–XXXV, pp. 116–p. 95 "Shortly before Christmas…" …….. "… on which he was determined." 1. Find in the text English equivalents of the following pp. 103–104 "She was panting now…" ……… "… I'll do my words and phrases. Reproduce the situations.

best for him." малодушие (117);

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