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to the deserved Wohl tells us that the Victorians felt that the childlike qualities These events and more uprooted all that had meaning to the of the lower races paralleled the frequent references to the immaVictorian, leaving him with a world of chaos, a grotesque world deture working class. Carroll turns this perception of an immature void of meaning. Lewis Carroll, greatly frustrated by this chaotic naclass around by presenting his readers with two irresponsible, childture of existence, endlessly and futility sought for order, just as his like figures in the forms of an adult authority figure and member of character Alice searches for order in this grotesque Wonderland.

the upper class. With these images, Alice in Wonderland, at once Referring back to the above passage, Alice must learn to play croquet views the adult world on a child's level, questions the authority of in this grotesque and ridiculous fashion, with flamingos as mallets and adults and of royalty and mocks commonly held prejudices of its day.

hedgehogs as balls.

29 4) How is the behavior of these characters a source of confu Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themsion for Alice (examples: word-games, riddles, rhymes, and poems) selves.

Comment on the following information.

Birds of a feather flock together.

The more there is of mine, the less there is of yours.

Despite her unfamiliar surroundings, Alice attempts to interpret Be what you seem to be.

everything around her from a logical point of view. However, her natural childishness consistently offsets the sensibility and maturity that she 2. Who is Mock Turtle What does it look like What is Mock tries so hard to show. Throughout Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Turtle soup If you dont know read the following text.

Lewis Carroll constantly emphasizes the conflict between Alice's desire to be sensible and grow up and her natural childish impulses. Alice Mock Turtle Soup thinks that she has grown up, but only physically the concept of maI'm happy for the turtles but miss the extraordinary turtle soup turity never seems to cross her mind. When Alice describes growing I ate in my youth at the little grill across from Reading Terminal in up, she uses terms based on size and not maturity. Why Philadelphia. Now that sea turtle meat is prohibited by law, this recipe 5) What are the differences of the croquet game in Wondermakes a fair substitute. Interestingly, even when turtle meat was legal, land and in reality What is L.Carrollss aim in depicting the game it was terribly expensive. As a cheap substitute in the 18th century, in such a way Read the following piece of information to help you.

therefore, recipes appeared in England that recommended the use of calf's head or even veal as being similar in taste and consistency.

The Queen brings a new meaning to the game of croquet. TradiAmerican cooks turned to beef or oxtails, when they couldn't get nationally croquet is a lawn game played by knocking wooden balls through metal arches with mallets. It is typically a calm and civilized tive turtle meat, and followed the British seasonings of allspice, sherry, game. However, the equipment with which the Queens game is and hardcooked eggs. Serve this meaty American version hot as a rich played consists of live animals used on a lawn of ridges and furrows. first course to 46 people, with little cruets of sherry on the side.

Hedgehogs are the balls, flamingos are the mallets, and soldiers are the 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 Tablespoon flour arches. Alone, the use of such equipment on such a terrain makes the 1 Tablespoon butter and 2 Ta- 3 cups hot water game difficult. The hedgehogs crawl away. The flamingos move their blespoons olive oil 3 cups chicken stock necks. The soldiers walk off to other parts of the croquet-ground. The 2 lbs. meaty oxtails 1 cup chopped peeled tomatoes game is chaotic everyone plays simultaneously, quarrelling. No one 1 garlic clove, mashed salt and pepper follows any set of rules. The game is not fair. The Queen shouts, Off 3 whole cloves 1/2 thin-skinned lemon, chopped with his head! or, Off with her head! until the only players left are 1/4 teaspoon thyme (rind and all) herself, the King, and Alice. However, by then the Queen has sen1 bay leaf 1 Tablespoon parsley tenced so many to be beheaded that there are no soldiers left to act as the arches. The game is over. Such a game of madness could only be 1/4 teaspoon allspice 2 hard boiled eggs found in Wonderland.

Brown onion in the butter and oil, add the oxtails and brown slightly. Add the spices and herbs, then stir in the flour until it bubbles, Chapter IX. THE MOCK TURTLE'S STORY adding more butter and oil as needed. Pour in the hot water and stock 1. Discuss some of the Duchesss morals. How do they characand bring to a boil. Add the remaining ingredients, except the egg and terize her sherry. Simmer for 2 hours. Remove the oxtail, cut the meat and marrow away add back to the soup and discard the bones. When ready to This love that makes the world go round.

31 serve, chop the eggs coarsely and stir into the soup. Ladle into bowls, To tread on smbs toes stir in a teaspoon of sherry to each, top with parsley...and put a cruet of A whiting sherry on the table, for atmosphere if nothing else.

To draw a long breath 3. Read the comments by Marc Edmund Jones for Chapter IX 2. Read the comments by Marc Edmund Jones for Chapter X and say what you think about it.

and say what you think about it.

The ninth great principle of wisdom in the Philosophy of ConThe tenth great principle of wisdom in the Philosophy of Concepts as revealed through the adventures of Alice is that morals and cepts as revealed through the adventures of Alice is that life is cumulaethics are a matter of fashion and a product therefore of their times and tive and that no cycle is ever lived out and no experience is ever surof the conditions of their period.

rendered or dropped from consciousness.

The symbolism of the ninth chapter of Alice is therefore interThe symbolism of the quadrille and of all games for that matter esting in showing through the Duchess and her sharp chin the manner is unusually well brought out by the degree of excitement pictured in in which life automatically will direct all tendency toward conformity the participants. Excitement is the means utilized by nature for the with what is. The Duchess as the emotional nature of Alice is at pains etching of experience into the consciousness of the self.

to agree with her on every point possible. Alice dislikes the sharp chin as intrusion of the outer influence and chooses to fight clear of any Chapter XI. WHO STOLE THE TARTS bondage to conditions as they are. Her assertion of independence makes possible her further development. 1. Give the summary of the chapter.

The symbolism of the mock turtle and gryphon or griffin is an 2. Write out juridical terms. What do they mean illustration of fancy catching genius of the first order. What child has not wondered what sort of beast a mock turtle would be From soup to 3. How does the court system in Wonderland differ from the real classical mythology is a leap of fancy that any child or highly evolved one Read David Raynors ideas about conventional Victorian expecsoul would love for the sheer breadth of it and be perfectly at home tations to help you in answering the question.

and safe on the foundation of the soup. In his puns the mock turtle is The case of Who Stole the Tarts lacks the essence of a just incorrigible, and an excellent intelligence test is provided in the curtrial. The king is without doubt incompetent in his duty as a judge. He riculum of the underseas school by timing some unsuspecting soul in instructs the jury, Consider your verdict, before the trial begins and the translation of the terms back into their common school originals.

continues to do so after each presentation of evidence for the rest of 4. Guess what school subjects are hidden in the following. the trial. It is the Rabbit who must instruct him and remind him of the proper proceedings. The Rabbit also corrects the kings speech. The Reeling, Writhing, Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, DeriKing claims, Thats very important, when addressing the fact that sion, Mystery, Seaography, Drawling, Stretching, Fainting.

Alice can present no evidence. The Rabbit corrects him: Unimpor5. What information can we get about British schools in the Victant, your majesty means, of course. The King makes accusations of torian times from this chapter guilt. The King shouts, Stolen! before the Hatter can explain why he says he doesnt own his hat. He states that he only keeps the hat to sell Chapter X. THE LOBSTER QUADRILLE it. It is not his own. Later, when the Rabbit presents a letter as evi1. Find the following word-combinations in the text, translate dence, he accuses the Knave, who is on trial, of wanting trouble: If them and reproduce the episodes they are used in.

you didnt sign it, that only makes the matter worse. You must have meant some mischief, or else youd have signed your name with like To punch smb in the back 33 an honest man. The king believes that the Knave is guilty even 7. Dramatize the trial in the class. Pay attention to the way of though the letter or verse is not in the Knaves hand, it does not make speaking and manner of behaviour.

any sense, and has absolutely nothing to do with the trial. The king does not display the characteristics of an honorable judge. The trial is Chapter XII. ALICE'S EVIDENCE pointless. Its outcome has already been decided. It is simply for show 1. Retell the chapter on behalf of Alice, the White Rabbit or the one of the many absurdities of Wonderland.


4. What does this chapter reveal about each character. Read the 2. How would you end up the story Compose your own variant comments by Marc Edmund Jones for Chapter XI and say what you after the sentence You are nothing but a pack of cards! At this think about it.

3. Read the comments by Marc Edmund Jones for Chapter XI The symbolism of the eleventh chapter of Alice is interesting in and say what you think about it.

showing the gathering into one ensemble of practically all characters The twelfth great principle of wisdom in the Philosophy of Conof the book introduced up to this point. There is here in the trial the cepts as revealed through the adventures of Alice is that all individual climax of the Wonderland narrative, and like all good dramatic climax acts are community responsibility.

it brings the whole company out on the stage. The white rabbit is as The symbolism of the twelfth chapter of Alice is interesting important here as in earlier sections of the story. Bill, the lizard, here therefore in the climax with the shower of playing cards about the manifests his usual association with misfortune. The mad hatter is no young lady's head. A superficial or false aspect is given to everything less true than usual to his symbolism of the still inchoate mental naby mood because each mood is a direct contribution to community ture. For these last two Wonderland chapters there is the perfect draconsciousness or a larger supporting mood. When Alice has evolved to matic climax that well serves to illustrate the fundamental nature of the the point where she recognizes clearly the place of everything in this social constitution in all trial or serious issues of life. And then for underground world and begins to challenge her environment and to good measure there are two other points in the symbolism that drive assume control of it or to grow in stature she wakes suddenly and finds this detail home. In the first place the tarts, the theft of which has herself in a larger community. This is not another world. It is a greater brought about the gathering here of the characters, are made of everyappreciation of manifest spirituality in this world as in an evolution thing. The cook states that they are made of pepper and the dormouse from prominence in a small town to prominence in a big city to which says they are made of treacle. Each person is stick to their own idea.

the smaller success has led.

5. Watch a part of the cartoon and dwell on the differences in the gist of it and the chapter. (beginning with: King: But- but consider, Final Discussion.

my dear. Couldn't she have a trial... uh... first Queen: Trial).

1. Read the following extract from David Raynors article Fu6. Find the responses for the following phrases in the video tility in Wonderland and find other examples of the discussed topic fragment.

in the book.

Sentence Ah, but there must be a verdict first! Alices Adventures in Wonderland operates within a set of con Ah, we'll call the first witness.

ventional Victorian expectations, which it systematically overturns.

Where were you when this horrible crime was committed The opposite of what one expects is presented. The trial is unjust; the Now blow the candle off, my dear and make your wish come game of croquet is unfair; the tea party is not civilized; the Duchesss true! servants are insubordinate; the Duchess, herself, is not refined; and, as 35 a mother, the Duchess is uncaring. Interestingly, when our guide to the of Wonderland. From bodiless talking cat heads to magical mushbook, Alice, attempts to thwart the systems of Wonderland to return rooms, none of these things seem to surprise Alice as much as they them to a more typical Victorian configuration, she, herself, is should. Carroll's inventive new rules for time do not appear to astonish thwarted. Alices attempt to rescue the Duchesss baby from madness her either. In wanting to create an extraordinarily eccentric world, Carsymbolizes the futility of individual resistance against societal norms. roll plays around with metaphysical elements. Changing time as the Everything Alice encounters in Wonderland represents a con- reader knows it reinforces the otherworldliness of Carroll's world.

vention of the Victorian age. However, madness incorporates itself 1. How does Carroll manage to change the rules of time into Victorian ideals, transforming them into themes opposite the 2. How can time in Wonderland be compared to other fantastic norm. Alices attempt to bring the correctness of the Victorian ideal to aspects of time found in other fantasy books Wonderland is futile.

3. What purpose might Carroll have for introducing the White Rabbit who always speaks about time 2. Read a number of short essays and answer the questions.

III. Where am I I. The Rush to the Rabbit Hole Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's fantastic setting sets up AlAlice begins her adventures in Wonderland when she chases a ice's need to learn the rules of Wonderland and adjust to it, like a child rabbit down his hole, which she does not realize is in fact a magic to the world around it. Alice [doesn't] know much... and that's a doorway to a strange new world. Boredom drove Alice to follow the fact. She vainly attempts to prove her worth and knowledge though White Rabbit in the first place, since her circumstances in the real this knowledge does not apply to the world she is in. Alice responds to world were tiresome to her. However, unlike most fantasy novels, in the Duchess' speech:

which the author introduces the real or normal world before moving on If everybody minded their own business, the Duchess said, in to the fantasy setting, Lewis Carroll spends exactly two sentences in a hoarse growl, the world would go round a deal faster than it does.

the normal world before diving into the strange fantasy kingdom of Which would not be an advantage, said Alice, who felt very Wonderland.

As Alice lay on the bank, feeling very sleepy and stupid and, glad to get an opportunity of showing off a little of her knowledge.

considering... whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be Just think what work it would make with the day and night! You see worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies when the the earth takes twenty four hours to turn round on its axis.

White Rabbit appears. Carrol gives us only this brief description be- Alice's views do not correspond with the views of Wonderland.

fore he plunges us into his bizarre fantasy world, and this rapid, helter 1. What stylistic techniques warrant the change in reality skelter approach sets the tone for the rest of the novel.

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