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51 University programmes at all levels are delivered variously in ing and consultancy, overseas work placements, international research, full-time, part-time; distance learning and in-company modes, as well joint awards and franchised programmes, distance learning.

as short courses and tailor-made programmes. The total number of students in 1994–95 amounted to 21 The University is a major provider of training, consultancy, test- and that of the staff – to 1 961 including both academic and administraing, technology transfer and contract research for a wide range of cli- tive, professional, technical, clerical, and manual personnel.

ents from all aspects of industry and commerce. The University has The University Library stocks nearly 400 000 books and over excellent links with industry, commerce and the professions which are 3 500 periodicals and has over 1 400 study places. At all the campus coordinated by a recently-expanded Corporate Enterprise Centre. The libraries there are networked computer suites providing access to naCareers and Graduate Employment Service has a professional team of tional and international facilities, as well as many other resources for advisers. They offer extensive advice and help on career and employ- learning.

ment opportunities for all the students and graduates throughout A doctor is available on campus on a weekly basis for any stucourses providing them with a wide range of professional services to dent to consult about health-related matters.

help maximize their career potential: One can take a course in any of 11 Wolverhampton’s Schools * extensive information on occupations, regional and national колледж = such as a School of Applied Sciences; Art and Design;

employers and further study regular vacancy bulletins with details of Computing & Information Technology; Construction; Engineering & jobs and postgraduate study Technology; Education; Health Sciences; Humanities & Social Sci* careers education workshops on such topics as interview tech- ences; Legal Studies; Nursing & Midwifery and Business School as nique and effective applications well as apply for Combined Awards Scheme.

* psychometric testing of personality and aptitude The most popular subjects / courses are Business, English, Geog* computer guidance systems raphy, Law, Media and Communications, Sociology.

* individual guidance interviews to assess the careers implica- tions of choice of options within courses, and clarify career directions. Notes The University Student Employment Bureau is designed to help Access Courses – подготовительное отделение students find suitable part-time and vacation work that will not conflict School – зд.: школа = колледж = факультет with study and provide useful work experience.

Access Courses are usually one year full-time or two years partText E. Read the text and do the tasks time and are offered in Further Education colleges throughout the region.

The University of London Located in picturesque surroundings the University has several In 1836 the University of London was created to conduct the exsites across the West Midlands and Shropshire within easy rich of Biraminations and to grant degrees upon the students from any institution mingham. You can find the University's campuses not only in Wolversituated anywhere in the British Empire.

hampton but also in Dudley, Walsall and Telford. The University has Up until 1900 the University of London was only an examining about 2 338 rooms in its Halls of Residence, over 900 en-suite student and degree-awarding body, but in that year an Act of Parliament perrooms being offered in newly built Halls of Residence in Shropshire mitted to provide lecture rooms, museums, laboratories, workshops, and Wolverhampton.

etc. for both teaching and research. Today the University of London is The University of Wolverhampton carries on extensive internaa federation of colleges, each largely independent. There are four facultional activities which include academic partnerships, in-country train 53 ties of Theology, thirteen of Arts, thirty-one of Medicine, ten of Sci- b) Specialized institutes train specialists for one of the fields of ence, etc. culture or national economy.

The University of London grants degrees to all who satisfy its c) The development of new qualifications has made the external examinations, with the exceptions of engineering and medical degrees degree of the University of London less important.

(for which study at an approved institution is required). The London external degree has been of great importance in the development of the Text F. Read the text and do the tasks that follow University system.

Many of the new independent universities were at first university Letters from College colleges (i.e. university institutions which could not award their own degrees) and for them the University of London became the degreeDear John, awarding body. The London external degree is very important to stuI meant to write you at once, but it took me rather long to get dents in technical colleges and some teacher-training colleges, as well used to College life. College is a very big place and at first I got lost as for private students working on their own, away from educational almost every time I left my room. Things are much easier now and I centers.

hope you’ll look me up some day and let me walk you about. You The development of new qualifications (e.g. the new Diploma in won’t be disappointed, I promise. Oh, I’m good at showing people Technology) and increasing enrolments in regular university courses about. I’ll say something like this:

have made the external degree less important. Speaking of somebody's Our college was founded over two hundred years ago. On qualifications and education background people usually say: I am a Civil your right is the Library which was built about the same year the Engineer, with a (BSc / MSc) degree from Edinburgh University, or: She college was founded. (So you can easily imagine how it looks and has a degree from London University in Politics and Economics.

smells inside!).The building on your left, which rather reminds me of Tudor Romanesque next to it is the new infirmary and so forth.

Notes The trouble with College is that they expect you to know such a lot of things you’ve never learnt. To be quite honest, I never knew external degree – степень, присваиваемая заочно I was so much behind the others. It’ll take me months of real hard enrolments – наборы студентов work to catch up with the fellows! TASKS I made an awful mistake the very first day. Somebody men tioned Maurice Maeterlinck, and I asked if he was a Freshman. That 1. Find the English equivalents to the following joke has gone all over College.

Did ever you hear of Michelangelo a) … был только органом, принимавшим экзамены и приI didn’t until the last week. He was a famous artist who lived сваивавшим степени.

in Italy in Middle Ages. Everybody in English knew about him and b) Лондонский университет присваивает степени всем, кто the whole class laughed because I thought he was an archangel. He выдерживает экзамены, проводимые им.

sounds like an archangel, doesn’t he Now I know better. When people start talking about things I never heard of, I just keep quiet 2. Point out what information is given in the text and look them up in the encyclopedia.

a) The usual minimum course for the new Diploma in Technol- We’ve been studying hard all through the term. Now that the ogy is three years for full-time students. exams have started, it’s got worse. I’ve learned fifty-seven French 55 irregular verbs in the past four days – I’m only hoping they’ll stay 11. Why wasn’t he upset over his failure in mathematics till after examinations. 12. What made Dan change his mind about Shakespeare The fellows have been telling me that some of the boys sell their textbooks when they’re through with them, but I’m going to 2. Study the following phrases and 1) recall the sentences in keep mine. Then, after I’ve graduated, I’ll have my whole education which they are used in the text, 2) use them in sentences of your own in the bookcase. It’ll be so much easier than if I try to keep it in my head. to get (be) used to smth /smb; at first; to look smb up; to walk (show) Now, more news coming, if you are still interested. They’ve smb about a place; to be good at smth; on smb’s left/right; to remind organized a Freshman basketball team and I hope I’ll be good smb of smth / smb; next to smb / smth; to be behind (in one’s reading);

enough to take part in it. It’s great fun and then, the doctor says I to catch up with smb / smth; all over the place; to hear of smb / smth;

need more exercise. in the Middle Ages; in the past; to look smth up in a dictionary; all That was all good news. Now for bad news. You know what through the term; to be through with smth /smb; to keep smth in the happened I failed mathematics. It wasn’t really my fault, it was just head; at the end (beginning) of smth; to take part in smth; to fail in a bad luck. I’ll be taking another exam next month. I’ll do my best to subject; as for / to me pass, but be ready for the worst and don’t say I didn’t warn you. As for me, I’m taking it easy, because I’ve learned such a lot of things not mentioned in the catalogue.

That’s all now. Hoping to hear from you soon, Dan.

P.S. Speaking of classics, have you read ‘Hamlet’ If you haven’t, do so at once. It’s perfectly splendid. I’ve been hearing about Shakespeare all my life, but I had no idea he really wrote so well.

TASKS 1. Answer the following questions 1. Where was Dan studying 2. Why didn’t he keep his promise to write to his brother as soon as he arrived at College 3. Why did it take him rather long to get used to College life 4. What was the trouble with the college as Dan saw it 5. What mistakes did Dan make 6. Why did he describe them as ‘awful’ 7. What lesson did he learn 8. Why did Dan want to keep his textbooks after he graduated from college 9. What sports team was he going to join, and why 10. What was the bad news 57 4. Topics for essays W R I T I N G 1. The main groups of British universities.

2. Types of courses at British universities.

1. Write letters similar to Dan’s letter on the following topics 3. Aims of university education.

1. Coming to College.

4. Universities as the main centers of teaching and research.

2. Inviting a member of a family / friend to pay a visit.

5. The problem of specialisation.

3. Learning lessons.

6. Academic freedom. Causes for the restrictions of university 4. Good new.

autonomy in Britain.

5. Bad news.

6. Postcript.

2. Read the letter below and underline the following 1. The name of the person who wrote the letter.

2. The address of the person who wrote the letter.

3. The language used to start and end the letter.

4. The expression used to introduce the subject.

3. Write on one of the following 1. Write a letter to a university / college in England requesting information about their courses, qualifications, terms and conditions.

2. Write a letter to an English Language school in England requesting information about their summer and exam courses.

11 West Grove, London NW2 April The University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate, 1 Hills Road, Cambridge CB1 2EU Dear Sir /Madam, I’m writing to you concerning the First Certificate in English examination which you offer to students of English. I know that it is an internationally recognized examination and if I took the exam and passed, it would help me in my work when I return to Italy. I am presently working in London and will remain in England for the next year. I would like to register for the examination and sit for it this summer, but I do not know how to go about this or how to find a school where I could take the exam. I wonder if you could advise me I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully, Nicola Ferrari 59 4. Контроль качества T R A N S L A T I O N / I N T E R P R E T I N G В Великобритании действует уникальная система контроля качества, которая обеспечивает соблюдение высоких стандартов 1. With your partners role-play an interview with British officials во всех областях, связанных с предоставлением обучения.

concerning British system of education. Use the parts from a British Начиная с системы услуг для студентов и заканчивая квалиCouncil brochure "WORLD CLASS EDUCATION" as the basis фикацией преподавательского состава, любое учебное заведение, 1. Традиции лидерства будь то частная школа, курсы продолженного образования или "В современном мире, где мы постоянно получаем новые университет, находится под строгим контролем со стороны правизнания, британское образование – это билет первого класса в пу- тельства.

тешествие, которое зовется жизнью..." (премьер-министр ВеликоЭто позволяет студентам выбирать интересующие их курсы, британии Тони Блейр).

будучи уверенными в том, что их качество было тщательно провеВряд ли стоит удивляться тому, что британское образование рено и соответствует единым для всей образовательной системы не имеет себе равных в мире.


За свою более чем 800-летнюю историю британские тради5. Неограниченный выбор ции в области образования не раз служили примером для подражания в других странах, и сейчас британская система образования Сегодняшние студенты в Великобритании могут выбирать из остается в числе самых уважаемых и успешных. буквально тысяч разнообразных программ и курсов и из сотен различных учебных заведений – школ, колледжей и университетов:

2. Здесь учат КАК думать, а не ЧТО думать – более 180 учебных заведений, предлагающих обучение с Британское образование всегда строилось на том, чтобы науприсвоением ученой степени бакалавра, магистра или доктора;

чить студентов мыслить независимо и работать самостоятельно.

– более 500 учебных заведений, предлагающих программы Учеба здесь не "улица с односторонним движением", где продолженного образования; более 600 частных школ-пансионов.

студенты просто получают информацию от преподавателей. НаИ все эти учебные заведения с удовольствием принимают против, преподаватели всячески поощряют студентов самостоястудентов из других стран.

тельно изучать литературу, проводить углубленные исследования и непременно подвергать критическому осмыслению все то, что 6. Забота с первой минуты они узнают в процессе занятий.

Находясь в Великобритании, студенты постоянно чувствуют заботу о себе. Как правило, у них прекрасные условия для друже3. Индивидуальный подход к обучению ского общения.

Классные занятия и лекции часто дополняются неформальОднако даже самый бойкий и общительный человек в перным обсуждением материала в небольших группах. В обстановке вые дни может почувствовать себя немного одиноким в незнакотаких семинаров, где студенты свободно обмениваются мнениями мой стране. Поэтому все учебные заведения стараются создать со своими преподавателями, легко рождаются новые идеи и появмаксимум условий, чтобы студенты чувствовали себя, как дома.

ляются новые направления в дискуссии. В результате студенты, Многие университеты предоставляют студентам место в получившие образование в Великобритании, отличаются не тольобщежитии, где под рукой все, что необходимо для студенческой ко отличным знанием предмета, но и развитыми аналитическими жизни.

способностями, которые позволяют им успешно решать любую Для новичков во многих университетах проводят специальпроблему. А именно это качество в современном мире ценится ные встречи, чтобы помочь им побыстрее освоиться с новой обработодателями выше всего.

61 становкой. Кроме того, студенты всегда могут воспользоваться Начиная с образования в частных школах и заканчивая постдипломными курсами, учебные заведения Великобритании предпомощью консультационных служб, а также получить поддержку лагают больший выбор программ, больше гибкости и больше возот студенческих союзов и объединений студентов-иностранцев.

можностей для реализации своего потенциала.

7. Стоимость жизни Учебные дисциплины включают как традиционные естестИностранные студенты могут воспользоваться целым рядом венные и гуманитарные науки, так и необычные предметы, такие, льгот, которые позволят сделать жизнь в Великобритании более как исследования в области миротворческой политики и технолодоступной.

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