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whether or not you can enter University depends on the grade that you at "A" level. "A" level stands for advanced level and Part 10. Life as a Student / Student's Life these are examinations you take in your final year at school at the age to spend on going out to night clubs or that kind of thing of 18, usually. You dont have to take examinations again to enter Uni - versity because the "A" level results are used by the University to judge receive a grant / / whether you are good enough to _ the course.

enough money to take you through about two-thirds of your Part 12. University Life course 2/3 people... used to disperse... and make their own you're going to have to put up the rest of the money somehow entertainment ... - system of loans through which students can borrow... money theatre productions could be mounted (dont understand / , meaning of mounted here) the University sports fields in New Molden Part 11. Grades and Levels - everyone is entitled to free higher education away-matches were held () (.: ) the University of London through the Central Students' Unthe grade that you attain at "A" level (advanced) ion provided facilities at the University of London Union building (ULU) [ju:'lu:] to assimilate the course Task to Parts 10 and 11: Fill in the missing words package deals .: So what about life as a student, then, in London Well, life was Tasks to Part 12: Answer the questions and express your opinion on pretty busy, it wasnt quite as _ as you might _ the following because people didnt have a great deal of money to spend on going out to night clubs or that kind of thing. Most people 1. Was there any particular centre for University life _ to go to University and this amounts to about 3.000 pounds.

2. In which way did a typical student make his/her own enterThat's enough money to you _ about two-thirds of tainment your course, I mean youre going to have to put up the rest of the money somehow: either by working or, perhaps, your parents will help * you, because life in London is simply too expensive to Not any more.

43 3. Choose among the below listed facilities the ones that toiletries... writing materials ...

a) the School of Economics offered; b) the University of London Union building (ULU) provided; Students Union also runs a bar (keep mentioning bars) c) the LSE Students Union had at its disposal. ( a bar, a vegetarian restaurant, a swimming pool, a ) bank, a stage, sports fields, a gymnasium, a sauna, politics, too, was catered for under the Students Unions a restaurant, a school shop, a travel agency.

auspices ['o:spisiz] 4. Was sport the only sphere of students life catered for by the / Students Union 5. Where did the Students Unions money come from with a particular political axe to grind 6. What things did the Students Union used to spend its money on help you to publicize yourself Now listen to the following part of the text again and fill in the gaps.

have to be in a serious tone Then discuss it in a group of four.

"The-Edwina-Curry-makes-me-sick-Society" "Politics, too, was for under the Students Unions aus " pices: if you wanted to start a political party or a new students Tequil society e ( with a particular political axe to grind, as they say, then ) you could do that through the Students Union, actually taking some of the Unions funds to help you yourself or the Task to Part 13: Answer the questions that follow money for one or two initial social events. But not all the political societies have to be in a serious tone like the Labour Club and the Con1. How many people and in which positions used to run the Stuservative Clubs. There was a former Health Minister, called Mrs Eddents Union wina Curry who made herself unpopular by peoples 2. Why are they called Sabbaticals eating habits. And there was a new society started up two or three years 3. Do many students get usually involved in the organization of ago called The-Edwina-Curry-makes-me-feel-sick-Society which was the Students Union quite popular for a while. Other societies included a Tequila society. A 4. Do the students really need the Students Union in Davids / Tequila is just a drink that you can mix with orange juice and music your opinion If so, why If not, why not and then youve got yourself a good time. And a lot of people were attracted to the Tequila Society and it used to make a lot of money as Part 14. Leaders of the Students Union well, which should go back to the Students Union for spending on The Entertainment Officer other.

Social Secretary Part 13. Students Union the Treasurer LSE (London School of Economics) Students Union you Sabbatical , dont have to join specifically () / to stand a good chance 45 to see them through A D D I T I O N A L R E A D I N G to plow = to plough back Text A. You probably know that many students in the West take Task to Part 14: TRUE or FALSE "some time off" (usually a year) before going into Higher Education. Read the text and express your opinion on ad1. People study at Universities to socialize and entertain vantages / disadvantages of such a practice themselves. T / F 2. The majority of young people in Britain receive higher Eighteen-year-old Chandra passed her "A" levels in June and has education. T / F a place at London University to study pharmacy. This year she has 3. Specialists in all fields are in great demand in Great chosen not to go straight to London. "I needed a year out", she exBritain. T / F plains.

4. Graduates of higher education institutions are likely "The subject I am going to study will lead, hopefully, to a career to have an income twice as much as non-graduates. T / F in industry. But I realized that I dont know anything about the world 5. Receiving a University education seems to be a good of work. Ive spent the past six years having a great time in my girls investment. T / F boarding school but I now need a year of responsibility.

I wrote to a few well-known pharmaceutical companies and one of them offered me a job in their laboratory as a "work placement" I am testing anti-flammatory drugs at the moment and getting to know more about the technology used in my chosen field. Apart from gaining practical experience, Im also earning money for the first time in my life! The company is pleased with my work and have offered to sponsor me through university. They will pay me an extra 1,800 a year while Im studying and I can work in the labs during the holidays.

And at the end of my studies there will be the option of working for them. It has all worked out so well!", says Chandra enthusiastically.

Text B. Read the text and express your opinion on the points below Life at college There are 46 universities in Britain. Good "A" level results in at least two subjects are necessary to get a place at one. However, good exam passes are not enough. Universities choose their students after interviews, and competition for places at university is fierce.

FREE AT LAST! Most 18 and 19 year-olds in Britain are fairly independent people, and when the time comes to pick a college they usually choose one 47 as far away from home as possible! So, many students in northern and Talking points:

Scottish universities come from the South of England and vice versa. It Is it a good thing to leave home at the age of 18 What are the is very unusual for university students to live at home. Although paradvantages and disadvantages ents may be a little sad to see this happen, they usually approve of the Many British people believe that if you do nothing more than move, and see it as a necessary part of becoming an adult.

study hard at university, you will have wasted a great opportunity.

Anyway, the three university terms are only ten weeks each, and What do they mean by saying that Do you agree during vacation times families are reunited.

How do British universities differ from universities in your country What do you like and dislike about the British system FRESHERS! When they first arrive at college, first year university students Text C. Read the text about Oxford and Cambridge. Be ready to talk are called "freshers". A freshers life can be exiting but terrifying for about them in class, emphasizing the details you find most exthe first week.

citing and unusual Often freshers will live in a Hall of Residence on or near the college campus, although they may move out into a rented room in their Oxbridge second or third year, or share a house with friends. Many freshers will Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest and most prestigious unifeel homesick for the first week or so, but living in hall soon helps versities in Great Britain. They are often called collectively Oxbridge.

them to make new friends.

Both universities are independent. The normal length of degree course During the first week, all the clubs and societies hold a freshers is three years. Some courses, such as languages or medicine, may be fair during which they try to persuade the new students to join their one or two years longer. The students may work for other degrees as society. The freshers are told that it is important for them to come into well. The degrees are awarded at public degree ceremonies. Oxford and contact with many opinions and activities during their time at univerCambridge cling to their traditions, such as the use of Latin at degree sity, but the choice can be a bit overwhelming! ceremonies. Full academic dress is worn at examinations.

On the day that lectures start, groups of freshers are often seen Oxford and Cambridge Universities consist of a number of colwalking around huge campuses, maps in hand and a worried look on leges. Each college is different, but in many ways they are alike. Each their faces. They are learning how difficult it is to change from a school college has its name and its coat of arms. Each college is governed by a community. They also learn a new way of studying. As well as lecMaster. The larger ones have more than 400 members, the smallest coltures, there are regular seminars, at which one of a small group of stuleges have less than 30. Each college offers teaching in a wide range of dents reads a paper he or she has written. The paper is then discussed subjects. Within the college one will normally find a chapel, a dining by the tutor and the rest of the group. Once or twice a term, students hall, a library, rooms for undergraduates, fellows and the Master, and will have a tutorial. This means that they see a tutor alone to discuss also rooms for teaching purposes.

their work and their progress. In Oxford and Cambridge, and some Oxford is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is the secother universities, the study system is based entirely around such tutoond largest in Britain, after London. The town of Oxford is first menrials which take place once a week. Attending lectures is optional for tioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 911 AD and it was popular "Oxbridge" students! with the early English kings (Richard Coeur de Lion was probably After three or four years these students will take their finals.

here). The universitys earliest charter is dated back to 1213.

Most of them will get a first, second or third class degree and be able to There are now more than thirty colleges where men and women put BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BSc (Bachelor of Science) after their are educated together, many from overseas studying for higher degrees.

name. It will have been well earned! 49 Among the oldest colleges are University College, All Souls and Christ Using the Internet look for appropriate material to talk about the folChurch. lowing topics:

The local car industry in East Oxford gives an important addition At Oxbridge.

to the citys outlook. Theres a great deal of bicycle traffic both in Ox Oxford the Golden Heart of Britain.

ford and Cambridge.

A college in Oxbridge.

Cambridge University started during the 13th century and has Cambridge. Its Past and Present.

grown until today. Now there are more than thirty colleges.

On the banks of the Cam willow trees drown their branches into Text D. Read the text and say if the following statements are true or the water. The colleges line the right bank. There are beautiful college false gardens with green lawns and lines of tall trees. The oldest college is Wolverhampton University Peterhouse, which was founded in 1284, and the most recent is Robinson College, which was opened in 1977. The most famous is probably 1. Wolverhampton University is among the UK ten top universiKings College because of its magnificent chapel, the largest and the ties.

most beautiful building in Cambridge, its choir of boys and under2. The University offers an extensive under- and postgraduate graduates being also well-known.


The universities have over a hundred societies and clubs, enough 3. The University programmes are delivered through full-time for every interest one could imagine. Sport is part of students life at mode.

Oxbridge. The most popular sports are rowing and punting.

4. Besides training the University offers a great variety of serAcademic life in both universities is full and varied. Although vices to the community.

students attend lectures given by professors and lecturers, their work is 5. Access courses are provided by the University.

largely based on a "tutorial" system; each student meets his tutor to 6. The University carries on professional orientation prohave his work scrutinized and discussed. grammes.

Because of their age traditions, historical associations and repu- 7. The University is planning to start extensive international actation the prestige of Oxford and Cambridge is very high, conse- tivities.

quently, competition for admission is extremely keen. 8. The University campuses are located in Birmingham.

9. There are 12 faculties at Wolverhampton University.

10. English is among the six most popular courses at WolverNotes hampton.

degree ceremony full academic dress The University of Wolverhampton is one of the ten largest Unicoat of arms versities in the UK. It has provided higher education in the region for fellow over sixty years.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle " " The University offers an extensive range of specialist degrees Richard Coeur de Lion and diplomas: over 100 first degrees, over 40 taught Masters procharter grammes and numerous professional qualifications. It provides the All Souls college widest menu of modular degree subjects available from a British Unithe Cam versity. A unique Modular Masters Scheme creates the possibility of multi-subject study at postgraduate level.

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