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– teaching methods Many overseas students stay in Halls or Halls of Residence – at – residential accommodation least for the first year. Hostels are cheap, meals are usually provided, – grants, loans and there will be helpful staff and other students around. If you do wish – cost of the course _ to apply for a place in a student hostel, you should do so well in ad– other facilities _ vance.

31 4. Work in groups of three. Discuss the list with other mem- Social life. The college has access to all the extensive study, bers of your group. Use expressions "I think, I prefer, I like, I agree, sporting and social facilities of a major full-time institution.

I disagree, In my opinion", etc. to help you give your point of view.

The social programme includes cultural and educational trips from Then using expressions "Anyway, Eventually, In the long run", etc.

time to time. Students benefit from meeting British students also show your desire to come to a consensus studying at the college.

International department, Archery Road, ST LEONARDS-ON-SEA, 5. Look through some college prospectuses. What information East Sussex, TN38 OHX.

about the colleges and the courses they run do these provide you Telephone 01424 423847. Fax 01424 721763.

with If you were to choose among these which one would you prefer to apply for Explain your choice to your partner University of Westminster Hastings College of Arts and Technology Contact: Mr. Peter Symonds.

Contact: Mr Gahie.

Association: Bascelt.

Association: Baselt.

Course times: All year.

Course times: All year, Summer vacation.

Location: The university is in central London within easy reach of Underground and mainline stations.

This State college is located on a hillside close to the sea, with exCourse details. Full-time courses have 15 hours of tuition per tensive views. The international department is in its own separate week.

building near the main college. It prides itself on its caring environTeaching includes grammar and structure, vocabulary, writment. The maximum class size is 14, average 10 to 12. There are ing, reading and listening. A team teaching approach is used to enhours of tuition per week.

sure specialist instruction.

All language skills are taught, with emphasis on students’ confidence in language use. Students are expected to work hard. Facilities. Facilities include a library and self-access language centre, with audio, video, computing and hypertext.

Facilities. Facilities include computers with self-study, video There are also separate skills courses, 1 hour per week for and a library with study areas. weeks.

Options. There are options in business English, travel and Exams. Cambridge FCE, CPE, Oxford Preliminary, LCCI tourism and computing.

(various), Trinity College(various), Others.

Exams. Cambridge PET, FCE, CAF, Oxford Preliminary and Higher, TOEFL.

Social life. The university has access to all the extensive Accommodation. Host family, self-catering, guest houses, hostudy, sporting and social facilities of a major full-time education tels.

institution. The social programme includes organized excursions and theatre visits.

Host families provide single rooms with breakfast and evening meal, plus lunch at weekends. Living in a family is a good way of practis9–18 Euston Square, London, NW1 3ET.

ing the language.

Telephone 0171 911 5000. Fax 0171 911 5001.

33 6. Look through one more college prospectus. Imagine you sport facilities.

study there. Write a letter to your friend and share your impressions – is in a quiet and historic part of the city center about the place and the course you are on Care – is under the personal supervision of the Director who is also Coventry International English Studies Center the owner Surrounded by beautiful countryside and in the very center of – has host families specially selected for caring qualities; sinEngland, Coventry is easily accessible by road, rail and air. It stands gle bedrooms are guaranteed. Each student has a personal tutor with at the center of the motorway system and has Birmingham Interna- whom to discuss any problems tional Airport 10 kilometers away. It offers to resident and visitor – organizes evening programs e.g. discos, theatre visits and ‘British alike every facility of a modern town, together with the opportunity nights out’ to visit many different parts of the United Kingdom.

A modern university city with a heritage dating back to Ro- 7. Study the following questions. On the basis of these write an man times, Coventry has a wealth of interesting features, including advertisement / make a poster about your dream college or university the world-renown Cathedral and mediaeval buildings. Home of the which you should then present to the rest of the class in a advertiselegendary Lady Godiva, whose statue stands at the entrance of the ments /posters contest traffic-tree shopping precinct, Coventry extends a warm welcome to 1. Where is the college / university located its many visitors from all over the world.

2. What courses does it run Why come to Coventry International English Studies Center 3. What qualifications do courses lead to 4. How much does the course cost Quality 5. What are the dates of the terms Are they convenient – is recognized as efficient by the British Council 6. What is the length of the courses Can everyone afford both – has over 20 years experience in teaching the time and the money – has Government trained and qualified teachers 7.

What is an outline of the content of the courses Is the college – is directed by John Rendle, a Master of Arts of the Univergoing to teach all the subjects one needs to pass examinations in sity of Oxford 8. How classes are taught and how many students are in class Is – guarantees small classes, average 8, maximum 12 students teaching carried out in small groups (tutorials) or large groups (lecper teacher and student-teacher contact is emphasized tures) – guarantees no other guest speaking the same language will 9. What can one do in the event of failing any part of the course be in the host family Can one retake any examinations one fails How long does one have to wait before doing a retake Convenience 10. Can one retake examinations in a few weeks, months, or would be necessary to wait a whole year Will one have to take the – allows students to start their course any Monday throughout whole course again the year to suit their arrangements 11. What other facilities does the college offer – is in the heart of England-in the center. Most places of interest to the tourist are within easy reach of Coventry – is situated only one minute’s walk from shops, cafes, banks, 35 Task to Part 2: TRUE or FALSE L I S T E N I N G 1. London University is a campus University. T / F David Randall is a graduate from the London School of Eco- 2. Its colleges are located in one place. T / F nomics, a college within London University. We asked him to share 3. You can get all kinds of degrees at London University. T / F with you his recollections and impressions of being a student at one 4. At that time Russian students at London University of the most famous British Universities. The text can be roughly di- were mostly involved in research. T / F vided into several parts. Listen to each part separately and do the tasks. Here is some vocabulary to help you grasp what you are going Part 3. London School of Economics Curricula to listen to. Study it before listening: you are likely to come across specialising in the social and political sciences – специализиsome of the words and collocations throughout the text.

рую-щиеся в общественно-политических науках through to business administration – кончая деловым адмиPart 1. Introduction нистрированием introduction to life in London University – знакомство с leading to a degree – ведущий к получению степени жизнью Лондонского университета the institutions of the European Community – государственthe terms that we keep as students – наши учебные семестры ные институты / организации Европейского Сообщества I'm speaking into a cassette-recorder – я начитываю текст на comparative political analysis – сравнительный политичекассету ский анализ bearing in mind – имея в виду Part 2. London University Profile leading up to the present day – по сегодняшний день out-of-date / up-to-date material – устаревший / «свежий» a campus University – университет, в котором все колледжи мате-риал (факультеты) сосредоточены в одном месте – кампусе photocopied material – фотокопии материалов а college University – университет, колледжи которого могут находиться в разных частях города Task to Part 3: Fill in the blanks. Then make up a list of disciplines rather than –...а не LSE students are supposed to be instructed in a pretty good mixture of people – довольно разнообразный кон-тингент So, our college, that is the London School of Economics, has a for quite a while – определенное время number of faculties, all _ in the social and political sciare going on to Master's degrees and Doctorate theses – про- ences; although the name suggests the people study mainly economics, дол-жают учебу для получения степени магистра и защиты док- in fact, they study everything from law, geography, history through to торской диссертации _, industrial relations and psychology. I tend to be concentrated on programmes such as the Soros myself studied a mixture of things leading to a degree called the Programme – как правило, являются участниками программ об- _ _ which is the first degree or a Bachelor мена (спонсируемых филантропическими организациями, госу- degree. I studied eight subjects: I studied Russian language, and I also дарственными структурами или частными лицами), таких, как studied Russian and Soviet history, international history, программа фонда Сороса which included all the institutions of the research students – аспиранты European Community. I studied _ _ 37 and Soviet economic development which was an inter- Part 5. Examinations esting subject, bearing in mind all the changes that have been taking we could take up to half (exams) – мы могли сдавать до поplace in this country over the past few years. And also I've been studyловины (экзаменов) ing Russian _, that is Russian and Sothat worked out quite well – что достаточно хорошо срабоviet, leading up to the present day. And that, too, involved a lot of тало change: all of the textbooks that we had were _ _ and so the questions I was set in the examination papers – вопросы, we had to use much photocopied material and up-to-date journals and на которые мне предстояло отвечать на экзаменах newspapers. We were told, in fact, that we were to watch the television pretty regularly, otherwise we wouldn’t get enough _ maPart 6.

Degrees terial to pass our exams.

take / earn получить be awarded / a Bachelor's / Master's / Doctoral degree присуждать Part 4. Terms conferred trimester – период занятий, когда учебный год разделен на offer предлагать части Lent Term – триместр перед Пасхой stay on to do a Doctoral thesis – продолжить учебу для рабоstart to run up to the examination – начать готовиться к экзаты над докторской диссертацией менам to miss out that Master's degree study – обойтись без степеthe long summer break – продолжительные летние каникуни магистра лы a taught course – учебный курс (в виде занятий) do some studying in the holidays – учиться в каникулярное время Task to Parts 5 and 6: Answer the questions make up the short fall in their financial position – поправить 1. In which schemes can the examinations be taken / пополнить свой бюджет 2. Which scheme worked well for David and why 3. What degrees does London School of Economics offer Task to Part 4: Complete the time-table of studies at London School 4. Is there a one-to-one correspondence between British and of Economics Russian degrees 5. What must one do to get a Master’s degree A Doctor’s Time Beginning End degree The first term 6. How long does it usually take to earn these degrees Winter break The second term Part 7. Method of Study Spring break the method of study employed... goes something like this – The third term примерная учебная стратегия, которой придерживаются Summer break it was just a matter of writing down – здесь лишь требовалось конспектировать make a presentation – выступать с сообщением / докладом 39 raise questions – задавать вопросы ing to our tutor. The tutor would be somebody, one of your teachers or to set essays to write in the classes – давать задания писать possibly somebody that you select because you’re not happy with one эссе в классе of your teachers being your tutor. So people had to go into class more in classes you were expected to turn up – на практических or less every day from Monday to Friday. You might be lucky to have занятиях Вам полагалось появляться / присутствовать a _ that gives you a day off. But in my case I found that most days I had to go into the school for one reason or another, if tutor system... in which people have a one-to-one relationship only to use the library. We had about 12 hours in the classroom includ– система обучения... при которой студенты работают индивидуing time in lectures and the rest of the time was our own to prepare our ально с преподавателем essays or to write answers to prepare oursomeone that could liaise [li'eiz] with... – кто мог бы подselves for the exams.

держивать связь с...

for one reason or another – по той или иной причине Part 8. Exams Task to Part 7: Fill in the blanks. Compare the LSE method of study pass papers – экзаменационный материал with ours. Which do you prefer and why exams are three hours long – экзамены длятся три часа I had... the dissertation to do in place of one exam – я долThe method of study that students employed at my School goes жен был писать дипломную работу вместо одного экзамена something like this: we had for all of our courses leading to the degree a mixture of lectures and classes. At lectures we didn’t have the opporPart 9. Library tunity to ask questions – it was just a matter of _ _ that the lecturers gave to us. In classes though, we had the take books out – брать книги на дом opportunity to _ _ _, the other students would a pretty good stock of books – достаточно хороший книжный listen, then discuss it, that we wanted to ask фонд with the teacher concerned and we would also be _ _ to write in the classes and we’d have to do about four essays for every Task to Parts 8 and 9: Choose the most appropriate answer among course that we were following. (Remember, there’s about eight altothe given ones gether). The classes would number about 6-8 or 10 people and the lec1. Students have to prepare material to answer examination questures would be in a big ball for all of the groups to listions because...

ten at the same time. So it might be up to a hundred people listening in a) these differ from year to year;

the lecture hall. And you didn’t have to go to lectures because there b) these can be asked in a slightly different form;

was no way that they could check whether you were there or not. But c) they don’t know what they’re going to be asked.

in classes you were expected to turn up because it might have been you that had to _ _ for everybody else. I think the sys2. What is wrong tem worked quite well. But we didn’t have the same kind of tutor sys Exams are … tem that they have at the University of Oxford and Cambridge in which a) three hours long;

people have a _ relationship with their teacher. We b) written;

did have a tutor, all of us, but this was simply a person that we could c) taken in the final year.

discuss problems with, someone that could liaise with the School Authorities on your behalf. But in general we didn't spend much time talk 41 3. What is wrong _ that amount of money. These days though unfortunately even the In the University library you could … grant has been _ and this will be _ by a system of _ through which students can as much money as a) take books and work there;

they think they need from the banks but they'll have to pay them back.

b) always find any book you needed;

Everyone is to a free higher education*. But c) take books out.

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